Top Programming Languages of 2013

Michael mogmios at
Mon Oct 8 12:03:37 CEST 2007

I'd guess that by 2013 we'll be using a slightly more graceful, but still
horribly wrong (and unsupported by IE 7.666), redo of HTML, CSS, Javascript,
Flash, and Java with a poorly conceived back-end marriage of PHP + MySQL or
some horrible Microsoft technology for most apps. I'll also venture that as
great as Python is it won't have settled on a really good web development
framework by then because half it's fans want to copy bloat like Ruby on
Rails or .NET and the other half want to be able to develop every line of
code themselves and none of them can agree on a single stable easy-to-use
Pythonic platform. We still won't have a Python-based Javascript replacement
either because nobody can get motivated to replace the crappy client-side
scripting language web developers have come to know and hate.

2013 isn't that far away. A few buzzwords will become boring by then and
we'll mostly be doing what we're doing now.
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