Newbie packages Q

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sun Oct 7 22:05:35 CEST 2007

MarkyMarc <marcsgbrevkonto at> wrote:
> > > And sys.path is  /python/Test/bpack

sys.path must be a LIST.  Are you saying you set yours to NOT be a list,
but, e.g., a STRING?!  (It's hard to tell, as you show no quotes there).

> > The 'Test' package is *not* in your sys.path.
> I can say yes to the first:
> The is in the right dir/package.
> And the third. If it is not good enough that this /python/Test/bpack
> is in the path.
> Then I can not understand the package thing.
> I also tried to put /python/ and /python/Test in the sys.path same
> result.

If the only ITEM in the list that is sys.path is the string '/python',
then any Python code you execute will be able to import Test.apack (as
well as Test.bpack, or just Test).


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