Python - why don't this script work?

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Tue Oct 23 10:10:53 CEST 2007

On Oct 23, 6:50 am, Ohmster <r... at dev.nul.invalid> wrote:
> Adam Atlas <a... at> wrote in news:1193108392.089611.91170
> > I think you're executing it as a shell script. Run "python image-
> >", or add "#!/usr/bin/env python" to the top of the file.
> Hey that is a cool idea, I think I will try it. I found out what is wrong
> and did not get the results I want, I think the images are protected with
> script. See my other post in this thread for details.
> Shoot, the followup might have gone to alt.os.linux. I will repost for you
> here.
> I figured it out, I have to run python I think first then the script and
> the URL like this:
> $ python image-harvester.py
> Now that actually seems to be doing something and it sure is busy now. It
> is making a lot of little subdirectories in my test directory. I had to
> copy to the test directory first, then run python and
> w/URL and it is going to town. Tons of subfolders, so
> far not images yet but it is not done. At least it is doing something now
> and not bitching and hanging. I guess I had to call up python and pass it
> to the script as the script does not seem to pull up python on it's own. So
> far I have 60 directories and about 45 robots.txt but no jpg files yet. I
> will let you know what happens. I think that these images are protected by
> script, you never get a valid URL to the imgage file, just referrers, and
> numbers and what not. When the image is finally displayed in your browser,
> then you can save it but not until then. Pretty good way to stop a
> harvester. Is this assumption pretty much correct or is there a way to make
> this work? Now that I use python as the first command, I can run it in an
> ssh window now and do not require an x-server.
> Feel free to jump right in with your input on how this should or won't work
> and what can be done to make it better. I have all of my scripts in a
> $HOME/scripts/ directory and it is in my path but running this from another
> directory does not work if is not in the harvest
> directory where I run the script from. I can right click on the image and
> save it but the amazing script trips all over itself with these wacky file
> name. I am all ears if someone figures it.
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Do note that the reason you may not see images is that the website
has, '''correctly''', identified your program as an automated bot and
blocked it access to things...

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