python 2.5 scripting in vim on windows: subprocess problem

Dmitry Teslenko dteslenko at
Wed Oct 24 13:04:00 CEST 2007

On 22/10/2007, Andy Kittner <andkit at> wrote:
> >> Are you running this on vim or gvim? If you are running on gvim, my
> >> guess is that the handles that you are passing are not valid. In
> >> either case, try creating explicit handles that are valid (such as for
> >> /dev/null) and create the process with these handles.
> Just as a side note: my vim was a gvim-7.1.140 with dynamic python
> support, so it doesn't look like a general problem.
I've also tried *-1-140 from cream's sourceforge website and it works
just like my custom-built one.

> > I'm passing hadles that I get from subprocess.Popen. Just passing
> > command to Popen constructor and using his handles to read data. No
> > other handle-manipulations.
> When exactly does it throw the exception? Directly on creation of the
> Popen object, or when you try to read stdout?
It throws exception on subprocess.Popen object instantiation.
os.system() works fine but I want Popen functionality.

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