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llothar llothar at web.de
Sun Oct 21 15:09:18 CEST 2007

> I'm, not sure that I'm getting your point, but are you trying to argue that
> _not_ knowing mathemathics makes you a better programmer?

No but it doesn't help you very much either. They are just different

> Or maybe that learning math is useless to a programmer?

No and at least the mathematical idea of building a universe on a
basic set
of axioms is pretty exciting for a programmer. But it's the idea not
the real
wisdom (I never had to use any serious maths in my 25 years of
that you need as a programmer

> This must be the most ignorant post I've seen
> this week. The *best* programmers I've seen actually had mathematic education.

Depends. I would call Knuth as one of the worst programmers. Look at
his total
failures on literature programming. Software Engineering is something
different. Having a dead - i mean end of development line software
like TeX - and
then trying to base a theory about software engineering (which is
based on changes)
is so absolutely stupid ...

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