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Tim Roberts timr at
Wed Oct 31 07:54:19 CET 2007

Shawn Minisall <trekker182 at> wrote:
>Does anyone know how to clear the shell screen completely ?  I tried 
>import os and then os.system("clear") was said to have worked in Windows 
>XP, but it's just bringing up another window, then it turns black and 
>then it closes in within about a second moving the prompt at the 
>os.system("clear") line .  I've also tried os.system("cls") with the 
>same results.

os.system('cls') works just fine from a command shell.  I just tried it.

Are you running from inside Pythonwin?  If so, then what you are looking at
is not a "shell screen" in any way.  It's a simulation, and I don't know of
any way to clear it.
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