win32com.client documentation?

Matimus mccredie at
Wed Oct 24 17:30:37 CEST 2007

On Oct 24, 7:35 am, Mark Morss <mfmo... at> wrote:
> I am a unix person, not new to Python, but new to Python programming
> on windows.  Does anyone know where to find documentation on
> win32com.client?  I have successfully installed this module and
> implemented some example code.  But a comprehensive explanation of the
> objects and methods available is nowhere to be found.  I have been
> able to find a somewhat out-of-date O'Reilly book, nothing more.
> I want to be able to script the creation of Excel spreadsheets and
> Word documents, interract with Access data bases, and so forth.

That book, if you are talking about "Python Programming on Win32" by
Mark Hamond and Andy Robinson, is the best resource that I know of.
There are a few other places for help, and two of those the help files
installed on your computer with win32com and the source code. You may
be able to find other tutorials and such online. What helped me though
was not a better understanding of these packages, but a better
understanding of COM in general. Once I had a fair understanding of
COM I had a much better experience. I found "Inside COM" by Dale
Rogerson to be a good general resource on learning COM, although there
are many books on the subject to choose from. I can't really help you
any more unless you come up with a specific example of what you are
trying to do.


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