Yet another comparison of Python Web Frameworks

Lawrence Oluyede raims at
Sat Oct 6 16:04:38 CEST 2007

Jorge Godoy <jgodoy at> wrote:
> What is good, since a lot of good things from Pylons will work with TG and a
> lot of good TG things will remain (and possibly be compatible with Pylons).
> If you take a better look at "the next version", you'll also see that the
> major concern was with WSGI support and reinventing / "rewriting" the wheel
> (what TG developers don't want to do all the time).

Not reinventing the wheel just don't feel as a universal dogma to me. I
developed quite a bit with Django and I was glad they started from
scratch. On the paper reusing different and existing projects is great
but not always is good or done the right way. Anyway I don't know TG at
all so I'm speaking in a figurative way.

We (Michele, myself and our colleagues) have a series of stuff we need
to stick to so the choosing of a web framework ain't that easy. Most of
the frameworks are a vision of the author of how to do things from
scratch but a framework (by definition an evolution of a library) is not
always meant to be used when the scratch is far from your starting

I'd like to read some commenting of Michele's thoughts, they would be
really useful.


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