Unicode raw string containing \u

OKB (not okblacke) brenNOSPAMbarn at NObrenSPAMbarn.net
Sun Oct 28 08:24:36 CET 2007

Steven D'Aprano wrote:

>>          How can I specify a unicode raw string literal that
>>          contains a 
>>     single backslash followed by the word "universe"? 
> The usual way.
>>>> word = u'\\universe' len(word) 9 word[0] u'\\' word[1] u'u'
>>>> print word \universe word u'\\universe' 

    	That doesn't answer my question, since I asked for a unicode RAW 
string literal.  Is this not possible?  (I was able to get what I want 
using ur"\u005Cuniverse", although this is not totally ideal.)

--OKB (not okblacke)
Brendan Barnwell
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