win32com.client documentation?

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Wed Oct 24 17:13:25 CEST 2007

On Oct 24, 9:35 am, Mark Morss <mfmo... at> wrote:
> I am a unix person, not new to Python, but new to Python programming
> on windows.  Does anyone know where to find documentation on
> win32com.client?  I have successfully installed this module and
> implemented some example code.  But a comprehensive explanation of the
> objects and methods available is nowhere to be found.  I have been
> able to find a somewhat out-of-date O'Reilly book, nothing more.
> I want to be able to script the creation of Excel spreadsheets and
> Word documents, interract with Access data bases, and so forth.

Actually, the out-of-date book is still very relevant for most
applications. Chun's book, Core Python Programming also has a section
on using Python to manipulate Office documents.

The docs for PyWin32 currently reside here:

The com documents specifically can be found here:

As Tim Golden has mentioned before, Pywin32 is bound so closely to the
win32 calls that you can basically just look on MSDN and use the
syntax there in Python, for the most part.


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