How to create a file on users XP desktop

Ricardo Aráoz ricaraoz at
Sun Oct 7 14:03:00 CEST 2007

Matimus wrote:
> On Oct 6, 8:31 pm, goldtech <goldt... at> wrote:
>> Can anyone link me or explain the following:
>> I open a file in a python script. I want the new file's location to be
>> on the user's desktop in a Windows XP environment.  fileHandle = open
>> (....., 'w' )  what I guess I'm looking for is an environmental
>> variable that will usually be correct on most XP desktops and will
>> work in the open statement. Or is there another way?
>> Thanks
> I've always used 'USERPROFILE'. I'm not sure how standard it is, but I
> have never run into any issues.
> Code for your perusal:
> [code]
> import os, os.path
> prof_path = os.environ['USERPROFILE']
> filename = os.path.join(prof_path,'Desktop','filename.txt')
> f = open(filename,'w')
> try:
>     # do stuff with f
> finally:
>     f.close()
> [/code]
> Matt

You are assuming the system is not localized, that won't work if you
distribute your applications internationally. In my system it is not
"Desktop", it is "Escritorio", and I guess it will vary with every
locale. Does someone know a way to find out what name does the desktop

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