Setting a timeout for a cookie

John J. Lee jjl at
Tue Oct 16 22:39:07 CEST 2007

Peter Bengtsson <peterbe at> writes:

> On Oct 15, 4:09 pm, sophie_newbie <paulgeele... at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm wondering how do you set a 'timeout' or expiry date/time for a
>> cookie set using a python cgi script. I can set a cookie ok but I
>> dunno how to set the expiry time so it always expires at the end of
>> the session.
> Easy, you don't. It's only if you set a timeout (aka. expires
> parameter) that it will last longer than the session.
> Just don't set it and it'll last till the browser is shut down.

And don't set a max-age parameter either (max-age and expires do
essentially the same thing).


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