Python and SQLite release cycles

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Wed Oct 31 12:14:08 CET 2007

mikhail.savitsky at wrote:

> Hi,
> Official Python distro is very stable, with release cycle of around 1
> year. However, to include the new version of SQLite, which has a much
> shorter release cycle, one has to rebuild the main Python distribution
> (to compile with the new SQLite headers) - this is from Python docs.
> Therefore, inclusion of PySQLite in Python-2.5.1 distro effectively
> shrinks the Python release cycle to that of SQLite. I would not have
> minded, except that we have many workstations and pretty arcane
> deployment procedure, making frequent redeployment of Python quite
> painful.
> Has anyone considered this problem and maybe a work-around?

I think you misrepresent horse and rider here: python release cycles are
independent of SQLites. I'm pretty sure they might contain new versions if
these are API-compatible (remember, python's shipped SQLite won't be
allowed to break existing stuff).

In all cases, you can decouple them easily (the same way with element-tree):
just install sqlite explicitly as a module. It's under a different name
(not sure which right out of my head), so they don't conflict.


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