Yet another comparison of Python Web Frameworks

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at
Sat Oct 6 18:57:02 CEST 2007

Michele Simionato a écrit :
> On Oct 6, 9:13 am, Bruno Desthuilliers <bruno.
> 42.desthuilli... at> wrote:
>> - talking about routes, you say:
>> """
>> I have no Ruby On Rails background, so I don't see the advantages of routes.
>> """
>> I don't have any RoR neither, but as far as I'm concerned, one of the
>> big points with routes is url_for(), that avoids having too much
>> hard-coded urls.
> Well, url_for is convenient, I would not deny it. Still it is
> not compelling to me.

To me, yes - but the context probably makes some difference here. 
Anyway, even for apps I developped with older versions of Django or for 
Trac plugins, I missed this feature. I like being able to reorganize my 
url space, and having urls knowldege all over is very bad IMHO. While 
perhaps not the ultimate solution (is there one), routes does a good job 
with this IMHO.


>> - about SQLAlchemy : here again, I used this package prior any
>> experience with Pylons. FWIW, I used it in the most basic, 'low-level'
>> way, ie without any ORM stuff, and I found it to be a pretty good
>> alternative to db-api. It's a bit complex, but powerful, and having the
>> possibility to handle sql requests as Python objects (instead of raw
>> strings) really helps.
> I have wanted to do a serious test of SQLAlchemy for a
> couple of years, but never found the time :-(

Then rejoice : you'll have a better package to test, with better 
documentation !-)

> Do you (or something else) have something to say about Beaker?

Sorry, not so far. As I mentionned, I had to delay serious work with 
Pylons so far.

> I looked at the source code and it seems fine to me, but I have
> not used it directly, not stressed it. I need a
> production-level WSGI session middleware and I wonder what the
> players are (for instance how Beaker does compare with flup?)

Can't tell, but I'd trust the Pylons team on this kind of choices. 
They're doing good job so far AFAICT.

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