Can you please give me some advice?

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at
Tue Oct 2 18:35:55 CEST 2007

* Bruno Desthuilliers (Sat, 29 Sep 2007 19:17:43 +0200)
> cmpython at a écrit :
> (snip)
> > I know nothing of Ruby, but just the fact that in Ruby the Hello World
> > program is
> > 
> > puts 'Hello, World!'
> > 
> > whereas the Python Hello World program is
> > 
> > print 'Hello, World!'
> > 
> > suggests to me that Python is more intuitive because the word "print"
> > has a meaning in English that makes sense given what you want to do,
> > but "puts" just doesn't.
> Hem.... Sorry, but it reminds me of the most clueless comments on Python 
> I've seen on c.l.ruby. I really don't think Python is more or less 
> "intuitive" than Ruby, and making a judgement on such a pointless detail 
> is not even worth the bandswith IMHO. FWIW, 'puts' means 'put string' 
> (implied : on stdout), which is certainly much more semantically correct 
> than what 'print' implies.

You missed the point. "puts" for printing something to stdout is 
definitely a bad name for this operation. I mean "put string" (even 
abbreviated) what does that mean?

On the other hand it does not mean that Python ist more intuitive than 
Ruby - only the printing to stdout is more intuitive.

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