Creating a custom python python distribution

shailesh shaileshk at
Sat Oct 13 06:01:53 CEST 2007

Thanx a lot for all the pointers. I will certainly check into them.

I actually wanted to know how do people create their own Python
distribution like ASPN's Python or Enthought's Python.

With regards,
- Shailesh

On Oct 2, 12:33 pm, azrael <jura.gro... at> wrote:
> Maybe you should check the Slax distro. Go
> There is one special slax distro caled Frodo. I think that it includes
> nearly nothing but the core.
> There are also several packages for the distro that you can put inside
> the distro and create your own distribution. There are also detailed
> instructions. This way you can create a Live distro, but there are
> also instruction on how to install it on the HDD.
> If I understood your question then I guess that this should be the
> answer.
> best regards

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