IDLE and opening with Python 2.5

Bjoern Schliessmann usenet-mail-0306.20.chr0n0ss at
Tue Oct 16 11:04:39 CEST 2007

Tony Mullen wrote:
> Python itself seems to work.  If I click python.exe it runs. 
> However, it does not appear in my start menu 

You could create the links yourself. Or reinstall Python 2.5.1.

> and I cannot set it as the default application to open .py files.

That's a problem of your OS. But I wonder why you cannot? The
Windows XP I have lets me use anything as application for opening
files of certain type. For fixing this, see above.
> Since uninstalling Python 2.4 (I have since installed 2.5.1 and
> rebooted several times) I can also no longer run IDLE.

Is it some kind of mental oder physical barrier, or is there an
error if you try to?
> Any ideas where I am going wrong here?

Wrong OS ;)



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