Version specific or not?

Steven W. Orr steveo at
Wed Oct 10 16:49:07 CEST 2007

We have an app and I'm trying to decide where the app should be 
installed. The question is whether it should be site-specific or not, as 


The latter would solve a lot of problems for me.

In the case of emacs, most stuff seems to go into $EMACS/site-lisp and far 
less into $EMACS/$current_version/site-lisp. The python site dirs seem to 
be the opposite. We have lots of stuff in the 2.3/site-packages and very 
little in the site-python directory.

If there are multiple versions of python installed on the same machine, 
having a shebang that just looked for /usr/bin/python would make my life a 
lot easier.

* Since we distribute .pyo files, is there an issue if the .pyo was built 
with 2.3.5 and then executed by 2.4 or 2.5?

* Are there any caveats?


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