Python's coming... from unexpected angles.

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Wed Oct 17 11:49:42 CEST 2007

On Tue, 16 Oct 2007 13:19:26 +0200, Ben Finney  
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> "Eric Brunel" <see.signature at no.spam> writes:
>> Well, I'd definetely vote for a name change for PyPy, as in french,
>> it's pronounced "pee-pee", and yes, it means what you think it
>> means... ;-)
> Does that mean you pronounce the word for the serpent as "pee-thon"?


> Anyway, the pronunciation of "Python" (and hence the "Py" in "PyPy")
> is however you pronounce that word in the name of the comedy troupe,
> Monty Python. That's where the name originates, after all.

But the average frenchman will also pronounce "monty pee-thon" (I know:  
that's weird...).
python -c "print ''.join([chr(154 - ord(c)) for c in  

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