Weird AttributeError With Imports

Juha S. at
Sun Oct 28 18:50:24 CET 2007

Peter Otten wrote:
> Juha S. wrote:
>> I'm getting a "AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'clock'" 
>> when importing a module from within two packages related to the line: 
>> "self.lastTime = time.clock()" in the __init__() of the class Time in 
>> the target module.
> You probably have a time module that you wrote yourself and which is now
> hiding the one in python's standard library. Was your formerly
> named, and if so, did you remove the corresponding time.pyc?
> Peter

Yes, I did have named as previously. Now that I 
deleted the .pyc it seems to work fine. Thanks!

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