TeX pestilence (was Distributed RVS, Darcs, tech love)

David Formosa (aka ? the Platypus) dformosa at usyd.edu.au
Mon Oct 22 22:10:29 CEST 2007

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On Mon, 22 Oct 2007 11:30:51 -0400, George Neuner <gneuner2/@/comcast.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Oct 2007 05:50:30 -0700, Xah Lee <xah at xahlee.org> wrote:


>>5. This is arguable and trivial, but i think TeX judged as a computer
>>language in particular its syntax, on esthetical grounds, sucks in
>>major ways.
> No one except you thinks TeX is a "computer language".

TeX is Turing compleate so it is quite valid to consider it a computer language.  Though
Xah Lee is correct more by co-incidence.

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