Alarming message when running Python code

peter peter.mosley at
Sat Oct 27 18:25:50 CEST 2007

I'm not sure if this query should be directed to comp.lang.python or
comp.os.linux.misc so I intend to post it to both with apologies if
it's inappropriate on either.

I have a small python utility which I wrote myself and which crawls
through a directory comparing all possible pairs of files.  Under
Windows it works fine, while the same code under Linux (Fedora Core 3)
works for a while then starts continuously throwing up the following

Message from syslog at localhost at [date/time]
localhost kernel: CPU1: Temperature above threshold

While the code is continues to work, it is greatly slowed by these
constant messages, and of ourse I am left wondering if my computer is
about to explode!

Is it really true that the code causes overheating under Linux and not
under Windows?  Or does Windows ignore the problem (and so am I
risking damage by running the code)? Or are the Linux messages
spurious, and if so how can I suppress them and ensure they do not
slow the running of the code?

Grateful for any help - preferably not too technical.


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