problem opening html file with

Jake McKnight jake.mcknight at
Mon Oct 29 12:47:45 CET 2007

> Maybe your browser is not in the executable path? Try passing the PATH
> environment variable to the Python interpreter and make sure it contains
> directory where your browser is installed.

Clearly the browser is in the path, because it opens.  It just fails to open
the file supplied by the script.

> but my main issue is that when I use the
>"file:///home/myname/report.html"), webbroser opens
> but the page does not come up.

I just tested this in both Windows (Vista) and Linux (Kubuntu 7.10 and
Slackware 12) without any problems.  Try it from the interpreter; if it's
actually executing successfully, you should see something that looks like

>>> import webbrowser

Jake McKnight
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