using "request" variable in python web program

sami sami.jan at
Sun Oct 21 21:59:29 CEST 2007

> However, it shouldn't be too bad to set Django up, really, especially
> if people have taken some time to explain something very close to what
> you want to do using Django. Moreover, there's a Google group (django-
> users) where you could ask general questions, and I imagine that
> people will be quite happy to help you out. But I can totally
> understand that creating databases and installing various packages
> seems somewhat peripheral to a task which could arguably be done using
> a CGI script (as far as I can see).
Thanks a ton Paul for the information. I am using CGI and my host
( does not have django hosting - and being mainly
a C/dekstop apps programmer I really don't want to learn the whole MVC
concept and its implementation (and quirks) in django - I want to use
abstractions only when I feel the need for them

Since a django user made pyfacebook, hopefully someone on the forum
will help out

Thanks again


> Paul
> P.S. I'm not too impressed by the lack of a common high-level Web API
> for Python, either. However, I've mostly ignored the discussions and
> stuck with my own API (WebStack) in the knowledge that if it doesn't
> work for me, at least I know how I might fix it.

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