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Evan Klitzke evan at
Thu Oct 25 10:25:37 CEST 2007

On 10/24/07, menkaur at <menkaur at> wrote:
> hi to everyone
> I wondered if this might be the right place to ask for some ideas for
> python project for university.
> I'd like it to be something useful and web-based. And the project must
> be complete in 2-3 months by 2-3 person group.
> May be something useful for open source or python community ...
> Well, just post what you think could be appropriate ...

Something I've been thinking about recently -- a templating tool
capable of chunked output (i.e. sending the rendered output of the
template as it is filled in).  For example, if you have a page that
has a slow database query in the middle of the template, you could
emit the top half of the page as chunked HTML so that the client could
start rendering the page without stalling and waiting for the SQL
query to complete before the page is sent out. You'd probably write
this as an extension to Mako/Cheetah (and possibly extend something
like mod_python/mod_wsgi, don't know whether these support chunked
output or not), but you could also write your own templating engine
for this.

Evan Klitzke <evan at>

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