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Grant Edwards grante at
Tue Oct 9 20:32:15 CEST 2007

On 2007-10-09, Robin Becker <robin at> wrote:
> aaron.watters at wrote:
>> On Oct 9, 8:46 am, Istvan Albert <istvan.alb... at> wrote:
>>> ps. there is a python project named "The Devil Framework", I cringe
>>> every time I hear about it.Nucularis not as bad, but it is close.
>> Aw shucks.  I thought it was funny.  Can't I make fun of
>> politicians in my open source projects?  Besides there is
>> a great tradition of tounge-in-cheek package names, like
>> "Cold fusion", for example.
> I think it's an excellent name :)

And Bush would probably pronounce it "Nuke-lee-ur".

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