ANN: magnitude 0.9.2

Thomas Heller theller at
Thu Oct 18 13:43:40 CEST 2007

Joan M. Garcia schrieb:
> Following the feedback on the first release of magnitude it
> has changed enough to deserve a second release, which
> modifies the API, solves a couple of bugs, and brings it in
> line with python's style guide.  Main changes:
> * imul, idiv had wrong output unit, so that after a /= b
>   printing showed wrong units. 
> * mod's output has the units of the division. 
> * outputPrecission, defaultFormat and outputUnits are now
>   output_precision, default_format and output_units.
> Magnitude:
> A physical quantity is a number with a unit, like 10
> km/h. Units can be any of the SI units, plus a bunch of
> non-SI, bits, dollars, and any combination of them. They can
> include the standard SI prefixes. Magnitude can operate with
> physical quantities, parse their units, and print them. You
> don't have to worry about unit consistency or conversions;
> everything is handled transparently. By default output is
> done in basic SI units, but you can specify any output unit,
> as long as it can be reduced to the basic units of the
> phisical quantity.
> Home page: 

Three comments, from looking at it:

- "physical", not "phisical" ;-)

- you raise string exceptions in various places; these are deprecated and
  should not be used.  Also it is very difficult to catch them.

- ScientificPython from Konrad Hinsen also contains a somewhat similar
  module.  IIRC, it is named PhysicalQuantities.  You might look into that
  and mention it on the homepage.


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