Yet another comparison of Python Web Frameworks

Istvan Albert istvan.albert at
Wed Oct 10 15:46:17 CEST 2007

On Oct 9, 11:57 pm, mdipie... at wrote:
> Since you are starting a new project you may want to look into
> something new and different

This is actually a neat framework! I'm a somewhat of fan of web-
frameworks and I used most major ones and I like to poke around.

Here is a mini review:

Gluon seems to be modeled with the mentality, everything in one
package, very simple but covering all essentials templating, database,
sessions and server. It reminds me of a content management system, you
start with a working server, then you add your components to it.

It also implements a Zope-like through-the-web interaction, everything
can be modified in the administration interface, templates, databases,
code, media. This sort of functionality is sometimes frowned upon but
can be a very convenient way to make small changes.

Honestly the framework field is a bit crowded so it is an uphill
battle to get a framework accepted, but it is nice to see something


ps. fix the typos in the docs and get people's names right, it makes a
bad impression otherwise

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