WebBased Vector 2D Graphics

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Tue Oct 16 09:44:40 CEST 2007

On Oct 5, 12:41 pm, Robin Becker <ro... at reportlab.com> wrote:
> Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
> >  cj... at bath.ac.uk wrote:
> .......
> > You certainly need to get on speed with webdevelopment. Otherwise you will
> > fail miserably.
> > There are several options here:
> >  - rendering a server-side image, deliver that embedded in a html-page
> >  - render using html tags like DIV and the like, which allow for positioned
> > colored rectangles and text, in pixel coordinates
> >  - canvas tag, to render 2D-drawing-commands
> >  - embedded SVG
> > All that can be enriched with AJAX to have that fancy
> > realtime-update-thingy.
> > Diez
> simple rectangles are pretty easy though. I did a progress bar herehttp://www.jessikat.plus.com/pbar.htmlwith a bit of javascript.
> The other side of the information usually involves ajax call backs to determine
> how much of the job has been done etc etc. I seem to remember doing that for a
> project a while back. As I recall we had a cgi script that did
> action "start" start off a long running job that detached itself from the web
> server so the response could be made short
> action "query" find out from an output file how much of the job has been done.
> A javascript timeout periodically performed the query request and used the
> response to update the ticker.
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That is pretty much exactly what I want! Can I ask how you have
presented the bar on the page i.e. embedded into a canvas? because I
can't get this to work on netscape 7 (which is a requirement) and
wondered if there was a way to get around this?


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