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Ann Thompson recentcoin at
Sun Oct 28 02:58:24 CEST 2007

I'm with an open source game engine project - Project Angela ( and I'm writing in hopes that you guys will have some advice for me.
We're working on an entirely new concept in gaming engines - Ruleset Markup Languge (RML) that will allow game rules to be engine agnostic meaning that if you decide to change platforms you can take your rules - in essence your game - with you without having to do a lot of rewriting.  

That said, I'm looking for advice on how to reach python developers who might be interested in working on this project.  If anyone reading this is interested, please feel free.  We've just moved to a new web site and the forums are at  Much information is still stored on our old site  

If you know of places that I might be able to post queries for python developers, I'm certainly open to suggestions.  Since I'm guessing that all of you are quite active in the python community, I'd appreciate pointers.  


RecentCoin aka Morrighu
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