Finding Peoples' Names in Files

Matimus mccredie at
Thu Oct 11 18:49:32 CEST 2007

On Oct 11, 9:11 am, brad <byte8b... at> wrote:
> cokofree... at wrote:
> > can you know it is a name...
> OK, I admitted in my first post that it was a crazy question, but if one
> could find an answer, one would be onto something. Maybe it's not a 100%
> answerable question, but I would guess that it is an 80% answerable
> question... I just don't know how... yet :)
> Besides admitting that it's a crazy question, I should stop and explain
> how it would be useful to me at least. Is a credit card number itself
> valuable? I would think not. One can easily re and luhn check for credit
> card numbers located in files with a great degree of accuracy, but a
> number without a name is not very useful to me. So, if one could
> associate names to luhn checked numbers automatically, then one would be
> onto something. Or at least say, "hey, this file has luhn validated CCs
> *AND* it seems to have people's names in it as well." Now then, I'd have
> less to review or perhaps as much as I have now, but I could push the
> files with numbers and names to the top of the list so that they would
> be reviewed first.
> Brad

What the hell are you doing? Your post sounds to me like you have a
huge amount of stolen, or at the very least misapprehended, data. Now
you want to search it for credit card numbers and names so that you
can use them.

I am not cool with this! This is a public forum about a programming
language. What makes you think that anybody in this forum will be cool
with that. Perhaps you aren't doing anything illegal, but it sure is
coming off that way. If you are doing something illegal I hope you get

At the very least, you might want to clarify why you are looking for
such capability so that you don't get effectively black-listed (well,
by me at least).


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