ANN: magnitude 0.9.2

Joan M. Garcia juan at
Thu Oct 18 10:39:48 CEST 2007

Following the feedback on the first release of magnitude it
has changed enough to deserve a second release, which
modifies the API, solves a couple of bugs, and brings it in
line with python's style guide.  Main changes:

* imul, idiv had wrong output unit, so that after a /= b
  printing showed wrong units. 

* mod's output has the units of the division. 

* outputPrecission, defaultFormat and outputUnits are now
  output_precision, default_format and output_units.


A physical quantity is a number with a unit, like 10
km/h. Units can be any of the SI units, plus a bunch of
non-SI, bits, dollars, and any combination of them. They can
include the standard SI prefixes. Magnitude can operate with
physical quantities, parse their units, and print them. You
don't have to worry about unit consistency or conversions;
everything is handled transparently. By default output is
done in basic SI units, but you can specify any output unit,
as long as it can be reduced to the basic units of the
phisical quantity.

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