reliable unit test logging

Vyacheslav Maslov vmaslov at
Wed Oct 3 16:37:57 CEST 2007

Ben Finney wrote:
> Vyacheslav Maslov <vmaslov at> writes:
>> I understand your opinion
> Hopefully you mean "explanation", not "opinion". I gave what appear to
> me to be facts, not opinion, about the definition of a unit test.
Yes, i meant "explanation".

I have one more question related to logging module, not unit test. I use 
FileHandler to append information to file log, in fact location of log 
file depends on some external factor and is calculated during 
initialization. Furthermore i want to use configuration file because it 
is comfortable way. So i need way to define in configuration file some 
variable which should evaluated during logging system initialization, i 
try following way:

logFileDir is defined in scope of module which call 

and it produces "name 'logFileDir' is not defined" exception. As i 
understand this happens because inside logging module variable 
logFileDir is not visible. How i can avoid this?



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