Yet another comparison of Python Web Frameworks

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Sat Oct 13 12:01:18 CEST 2007

> Hello everybody,
> I just joined this mailing list. Thanks for your comments about gluon.
> I have posted a short video about it and I am planning to make more
> over the week-end.
> About some of your comments:
> - the most complex modules (like html and sql ones) have doctests.
> - the executable versions (win and mac) come with python2.5. Running
> from source code does not require 2.5 but you probably want sqlite3.
> - so far I support sqlite3 and postgresql, not mysql (just because I
> do not use it and had no time for testing it).
> - yes, there are typos in the documentation. Please point them out to
> me so that I can fix them.
> - I am sure there are some minor bugs I am not aware of but as far I
> tested, it work.
> - If you report bugs to me I promise to fix them in 48hrs.
> - please make sure you have the latest version.
> I very much appreciate comments about gluon (good and bad). Please
> send me more so that I can improve it.
> There will be two talks in chicago about gluon next week: at DePaul
> Linux Users Group on Thursday evening and at the Chicago Linux Users
> Group on Saturday afternoon. I will try record them and post them.
> Massimo
> P.S. Michele Simionato. I have heard your name before? Is it possible
> we have met in Pisa in 1990-1996? I am also a Quantum Field Theorist
> and there is not many of us.

Hi Massimo,

In what way is gluon different from existing frameworks most notably
django and turbogears? What do you think are the advantages to using
gluon over these two?


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