Announcing the RosAsm Library Project

Evenbit nbaker2328 at
Fri Oct 5 03:36:40 CEST 2007

On Oct 4, 6:29 pm, "rh... at" <rh... at> wrote:
> Hey, Rene,
> Let's pretend for a moment that we're all on "Planet Betov" where
> using statically linked library code is never done and all code reuse
> is accomplished by "cut & paste".
> In this dream world, here's what I see:
> MASM: People can cut and past code from the MASM32 Library source
> code.
> FASM: People can cut and past code from the FASMLIB source code.
> NASM: People can cut and past code from the ASMLIB source code
> HLA: People can cut and past code from the HLA Standard Library.
> RosAsm: ????
> Even if we "level the playing field" and don't allow static linking of
> libraries, as all these other assemblers support, where exactly is the
> "RosAsm Library"?  (Or snippets, or templates, or whatever else you
> want to call it.)

This is extremely easy to answer.  The average RosAsm coder tends to
only make use of the libraries documented here:

If you wish to revue the source code, then bring that issue up with
Microsoft.  Please let us know of any positive results.  ;)

If a programmer feels that a project requires him to use a large
amount of pre-written "library" code and advanced programming features/
tools, then he must seriously question why he is using assembly
language (rather than a High-Level Language) in the first place.
After a programmer has made the choice to code at the ASM level, he
has already -- by default/definition -- decided to avoid the trappings
of the HLL world.

You are indeed one pecular person.  On the one hand [
], you have taught, written a book, built an advanced assembler, and
generally answer many questions about assembly language.  However, on
the other hand, you spend a great deal of time here in alt.lang.asm
denigrating assembler tools and "bashing" those who write assembly

So, the question is [this goes also for all those regular a.l.a
trolls]:  Are you here to _support_ the *assembly language*
community?  Or, are you here to encourage everyone to "give up" on ASM
and adopt an easy HLL instead?


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