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Tommy Nordgren tommy.nordgren at
Sun Oct 14 05:26:38 CEST 2007

On 14 okt 2007, at 01.21, John Velman wrote:

> I'm considering moving from Linux to imac.   I've recently returned to
> Python (was never very expert) to develop a small gui application.  At
> present I plan to use PyGTK with Pango and Cairo.
> What surprises may I be in for :-)
> (Currently using slackware 11.0 on an old (8 years) slow (400mhz)  
> machine.)
> Thanks,
> John Velman
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	Mac OS X Tiger comes with Python 2.3 installed.
Installers for later versions are available at
No need to use package managers
Skinheads are so tired of immigration, that they are going to move to  
a country that don't accept immigrants!
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