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Tagrislam at yahoo.com Tagrislam at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 15 00:02:08 CEST 2007

Hi Hi Hi
my name is tagreed  , I am from Syria
I've seen many places of the world on TV screen and few that I've
visited either for fun or/ and business
as you know when we travel we meet a lot different cultures and
I found in many places I've been to ; that people stereotyped Islam
(that's my religion ) they prejudge Muslims from what they see in
media incidents.
Allow me to share with you here some information about Jesus Christ .
Muslims believe in Jesus Christ ( peace and blessings of ( Allah=god )
be upon him as one of the mightiest messengers from ( Allah = god ).
We believe he is born miraculously by the word of Allah without father
Like ADAM Been created without father nor mother.
And marry ( mar yam ) is his mother the pious . pure female nay Allah
be pleased with her.

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