spam kontrol

Wildemar Wildenburger lasses_weil at
Wed Oct 3 22:06:09 CEST 2007

George Sakkis wrote:
> On Oct 3, 12:59 pm, "oruc... at" <oruc... at> wrote:
>> hii
>> ý think you know spam page is the most pest for net user.
> ...closely followed in the second position by incoherent misspelled
> posts in silly IM-speak.
You know, there are such people as non-native English speakers. Maybe 
you should consider that before possibly insulting people who do not 
derserve to be insulted (altough he does appear to be turkish).

(I aplogize for that last remark. I have nothing against turkish people, 
I just couldn't let the opportunity for a mean joke slip.)

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