RegEx question

John Masters johnmasters at
Thu Oct 4 22:50:50 CEST 2007

On 15:25 Thu 04 Oct     , Robert Dailey wrote:
> I am not a regex expert, I simply assumed regex was standardized to follow
> specific guidelines.

There are as many different regex flavours as there are Linux distros.
Each follows the basic rules but implements them slightly differently
and adds their own 'extensions'. 

> I also made the assumption that this was a good place
> to pose the question since regular expressions are a feature of Python.

The best place to pose a regex question is in the sphere of usage, i.e.
Perl regexes differ hugely in implementation from OO langs like Python
or Java, while shells like bash or zsh use regexes slightly differently,
as do shell scripting languages like awk or sed. 

> The question concerned regular expressions in general, not really the
> application. However, now that I know that regex can be different, I'll try
> to contact the author directly to find out the dialect and then find the
> appropriate location for my question from there. I do appreciate everyone's
> help. I've tried the various suggestions offered here, however none of them
> work. I can only assume at this point that this regex is drastically
> different or the application reading the regex is just broken.

If you care to PM me with details of the language/context I will try to
help but I am no expert.

Regards, John

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