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>> At APL2007, I'll be announcing the release of the APEX APL compiler,
>> version 0.0.0, under GPL Version 2.
>> If you can't wait until then, you can download it for Dyalog Linux 
>> Bob
> Congratulations on your compiler.
> I looked through your pages and came across this
> "[This article originally appeared in the ACM SIGAPL Quote Quad, vol.
> 21, no.1, September 1990.]
> The APL character set has contributed, more than any other facet of
> the language, to its lack of acceptance in the computing community at
> large. The character set is a metaproblem -- not a problem in and of
> itself, but a creator of other recurring problems of hardware,
> software, ergonomics, and psychology. The adoption of new, ASCII-base
> dialects of APL, such as J, is suggested as one solution to the
> character set problem. "
> This is also the reason for why I will not be downloading your new
> compiler until there will be a J version of it, something I hope will
> be coming soon.
> I can not use the APL character set at all.
> It is too mixed up with my national characters.

witch ones?
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