gui toolkits: the real story? (Tkinter, PyGTK, etc.)

Grant Edwards grante at
Wed Oct 3 19:03:49 CEST 2007

On 2007-10-03, Chris Mellon <arkanes at> wrote:
> On 10/2/07, Grant Edwards <grante at> wrote:
>> On 2007-10-02, Chris Mellon <arkanes at> wrote:
>> > PyGtk has poor cross platform support, a very large footprint (the
>> > largest of all these libraries)
>> It's larger than wxWidgets on top of Gtk?
> No, but it's larger than wx on top of the native API,

A moot point for X11.

> so when you average it across all platforms it's quite a bit
> larger.

I guess that's one of the costs of portability.

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