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Lew lew at lewscanon.com
Sun Oct 21 15:52:05 CEST 2007

llothar wrote:
> Depends. I would call Knuth as one of the worst programmers. Look at
> his total
> failures on literature programming. Software Engineering is something

Umm, the term is "literate" programmer and there is evidence that it is not a 

> very
> different. Having a dead - i mean end of development line software
> like TeX - and

Based on what do you call it "dead end".  It's used, it's outlasted many other 
flashes in the pan, it does what its users require.  You will need evidence 
for such a claim.

> then trying to base a theory about software engineering (which is
> based on changes)

"base a theory" on what?  There's a clause missing here.

> is so absolutely stupid ...

Is that a technical evaluation?  It looks like random inflammatory comments 
without basis in logic or evidence.  Can stupidity be absolute?  What is the 
metric of stupidity?

How would you disprove that assertion?  Oh, wait, there wasn't an assertion. 
The sentence was incomplete.  What are you asserting?

A theory based on what, exactly, is "so absolutely stupid"?


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