toprettyxml messes up with whitespaces

Paul Boddie paul at
Wed Oct 3 11:57:44 CEST 2007

On 3 Okt, 11:30, "Jorgen Bodde" <jorgen.maill... at> wrote:
> Thank you for confirming this, I did manage a work around. When
> reading back the XML file, I strip it off it's whitespaces before I
> parse it. Then when writing it back no excessive whitespaces are
> appended. My best guess is that toprettyxml is not intelligently
> handling whitespaces that are already there, and bluntly appends more
> whitespaces to it, making it grow exponentially.

This seems like a reasonable explanation without having looked at the
source code myself.


> And then I simply use parseString instead of parse. But honestly, I
> think it is a bug, because the XML standard also says that whitespaces
> before normal text should be ignored, and I do not see it back as text
> when I read the node, so why preserve it and mess up the formatting in
> the end?

Which part of the standard is this? Here's the XML 1.0 specification's
section on whitespace:

It seems to me that applications (and the libraries which serve them)
can choose what to do unless xml:space is set to "preserve". It does
seem odd that the toprettyxml method chooses to respect existing
whitespace whilst also disrupting it by adding more, however.


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