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Thu Oct 4 11:10:26 CEST 2007

MindMaster32 wrote:
> I am writing a script that has to read data from an ASCII file of
> about 50 Mb and do a lot of searches and calculations with that data.
> That would be a classic problem solved by the use of a database
> (SQLite would suit just fine), but that would require the user to
> install more packages other than python itself, and that I am trying
> to avoid.
> Since the data is not too large, I wonder if there is another way to
> store all data in memory and work with it more or less like a
> database, doing searches and working with datafields.
> This is not clear to me how can be implemented. I thought of creating
> a class with the data structure, and creating a list of objects of
> that class, each one containing one line of data from the "database".
> Any thoughts or suggestions?

Python 2.5 ships with SQLite and also supports in-memory
storage of the data.

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