Static variable vs Class variable

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Fri Oct 19 02:38:53 CEST 2007

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> On Wed, 17 Oct 2007 13:41:06 +0200, Hrvoje Niksic wrote:
>> The current implementation of += uses __add__ for addition and __iadd__
>> for addition that may or may not be in-place.  I'd like to know the
>> rationale for that design.
> Everything you need is in the PEP:
> -- 
> Steven.

Which illustrates that the proposal, while simplified for implementation,
is not exactly what was desired*

""" is both more readable and less error prone, because it is
    instantly obvious to the reader that it is <x> that is being
    changed, and not <x> that is being replaced

As we see from this thread, it is not instantly obvious to the reader;
the meaning of "changed, not replaced" is ambiguous.


* That is, unless ambiguity was the desideratum 

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