Python module for making Quicktime or mpeg movies from images

jeremito jeremit0 at
Tue Oct 16 01:55:18 CEST 2007

On Oct 13, 5:30 am, has <has.te... at> wrote:
> On 12 Oct, 20:53, jeremito <jerem... at> wrote:
> > I actually found NodeBox in my googling.  This seems to be a stand
> > alone application.  I need to be able to convert my images to a movie
> > from my code I wrote myself.
> Some Mac-specific options:
> -QuickTimePlayer is standard on OS X and its scripting interface
> (which you can access from Python via appscript, and is fully usable
> even in unpaid mode) includes an 'open image sequence' command. This
> would be the simplest solution as long as you don't mind launching
> another application to do the work.

I have used this, but I want to automate this so I wanted something I
could call from my Python script.
> - The Cocoa API's QTKit class (accessible via PyObjC) includes a -
> addImage:forDuration:withAttributes: method that you could use to
> build up a movie yourself.

This sounds like a good option.  I have downloaded and installed
PyObjC and am currently looking for the QTKit class but have been
unsuccessful so far.  A cursory glance at the documentation hasn't
produced any help, yet.  I'll keep looking unless you can point to it

Thanks again,

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