tinyp2p - trying to get it to work

Fantus fantus at poczta.fm
Mon Oct 8 07:49:28 CEST 2007

Marc Christiansen pisze:
>> Can anybody help me to solve this? Please. I did browse google but found 
>> nothing.
> I had a (not so quick) look. The code proves its point (i.e. writing a
> very small p2p application is possible), but it is horrible. With only
> one server, the code is broken; maybe it works using multiple servers, I
> didn't test. A quick fix seems to be to change the line
>     pr() and [aug(s) for s in aug(pr()[0])]
> to
>     pr() and [aug(s) for s in aug(pr()[0])] or pr([myU])
> Please don't take tinyp2p.py as an example on writing python. 
> HTH Marc

It seems to be working! Respect.

I know this app is a bit messy but I couldnt't find anything else that 
would implement p2p basics and wouldn't have hundrends or thousands of 
lines of code. I need something very simple and this is fine.

Thank you Marc!

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