for loop question

Tim Chase python.list at
Wed Oct 10 22:12:48 CEST 2007

> test = u"Hello World"
> for cur,next in test:
>     print cur,next
> Ideally, this would output:
> 'H', 'e'
> 'e', 'l'
> 'l', 'l'
> 'l', 'o'
> etc...
> Of course, the for loop above isn't valid at all. I am just giving an
> example of what I'm trying to accomplish. Anyone know how I can achieve the
> goal in the example above? Thanks.

A "works-for-me":

 >>> pairs = (test[i:i+2] for i in xrange(len(test)-1))
 >>> for a,b in pairs:
...     print a,b
H e
e l
l l
l o
w o
o r
r l
l d


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