Convert obejct string repr to actual object

English, Mark Mark.English at
Fri Oct 12 18:41:19 CEST 2007

> From: Tor Erik Sønvisen
> Date: October 8th 2007
> I've tried locating some code that can recreate an object from
> it's string representation... 
On a related note I've wondered about this:
>>> class Foo(object): pass
>>> f = Foo()
>>> s = repr(f)
>>> s
'<__main__.Foo object at 0x007CBAB0>'

So how do I get f back from s ?
Obviously this is open to abuse. I just wondered if a mechanism existed short of writing
a C-extension which parses that string, casts the hex number to a PyObject *, INCREFs it,
and gives it back...

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