migrating to packages

Gerardo Herzig gherzig at fmed.uba.ar
Wed Oct 3 18:42:09 CEST 2007

Hi all. I have a single file with several classes, wich i want to 
separate into several packages.
The big file is named, say MYCLASES, and contains a class named 
A(object), and B(A).

We have been using this MYCLASES in the
from MYCLASES import B syntax, but i cant reproduce this syntax using 
packages. Im forced to write from PACKAGE.B import *, and if that means 
i have to touch so many files, that would really be a problem to me. 
There is (i cant find it yet) a place where i can read about that kind 
of package 'migration' situation?

Because i *really* want to keep the FROM PACKAGE import B syntax.


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