Iteration for Factorials

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>> The great part about this recursive solution is that you don't have to  
>> worry about the stack limit because performance degrades so quickly on  
>> the conversion to string!  fact(8) takes a little less than a second,  
>> fact(9) takes about a minute, and fact(10) takes more time than I had  
>> patience to wait for!
> And the not-so-great part is that it raises an exception
> on fact(0) which makes it utterly useless for calculating
> combinations of m things taken n at a time: m!/n!*(m-n)!
> Why is it that no one seems able to get this right?

Uhmmm... don't be so serious, most of those recipes are a joke :)
Who cares about fact(0) when fact(10) can't be computed...? At least,  
that's how I see it, Nimo dixit.

Gabriel Genellina

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